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AGES 2.5-5


We have programs offered from ages toddler to 5 years old.

gradual entry

Starting at a daycare centre is a huge step in the life of your child and yourself. For many children this is the first time they have spent any time away from their parents, and may be their first experience of being in a group.

At Smiling Stars Daycare, it is our intention to make this experience be a positive and successful one. Therefore families will be assisted in making this transition through a period of a gradual entry. We will work with each family to meet their needs and have the child build upon daily successes in their entry into the program. We usually find that a one week gradual entry period works well for most children. This one week is meant to help the child, the parent and the staff to get to know each other.

We recommend that gradual entry consists of numerous short stays and eventually a brief drop off. Documentation that is required by licensing, needs to be completed before your child can be left at the centre.


We strongly believe that children are naturally born learners. They are curious about themselves and the world around them. Our program aims to support that curiosity by providing rich early learning experiences and environments that expand their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social skills through play and exploration.

Monthly, we have thoughtfully chosen themes that provide learning experiences to support different areas of development. Our educators select the themes through observations of children’s interests and by providing age appropriate provocations.

Essentially, we subscribe to the belief that each child develops at different paces. We strive to be receptive and inclusive to that need. Our routines are adjusted accordingly to make the child feel safe, comfortable, secure and loved.

We also believe that natural environment holds an important role in young children’s learning. Except on extreme weather conditions, we walk outside to explore nearby parks to give children opportunities for concrete and authentic learning experiences about nature.

Most importantly, we make sure that our program is FUN. Childhood is a once in a lifetime experience. We want them to look back at that time of their lives and have good memories through pictures and documentations.


Rotating Activity of the day
Children, like ‘little scientists’, are interested in exploring many different experiences. It is in this 'curiosity' that children need opportunities to develop individual interests and ideas. Thus, our educators have created an enriched and inclusive curriculum for the 3-5 Program to support the needs of each child. Our dedicated educators encourage children through a variety of different activities to learn many basics like alphabets, numbers, and communication.

Through these skills and activities, children can also develop sharing and problem solving skills to assist in their everyday play. Children have many ideas on theories about different topics that they want to explore. We have implemented weekly themes where we have discussions, explorations, and activities to help them communicate these ideas. Thus, it can guide them to expand and explore their vast amounts of theories.

To show what children are exploring during these activities, documentations with pictures will be posted. Parents can also get involved with their child and discuss each new discovery. Please make an appointment with our director to visit the daycare and see what you and your child may discover.