Smiling Stars Daycare
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We take the task of nourishing children’s minds and bodies seriously.

We ensure that their diet at the daycare is healthy and well balanced. Our home-style in house cooked recipes are all prepared by our own private chef. All our lunches are made from scratch, virtually eliminating the need for processed food by our private chef. Our menu is consequently free from trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup/sugar and commercially made taste enhancers, enabling us to provide more natural foods. We are never discouraged by picky eaters, and encourage the children to try new foods. If they dislike a dish, we will serve it again down the road and hope for successful results as their taste buds continue to mature. We do take allergies, life-style choices (vegetarian) and religious choices into consideration. The presence of nuts/peanuts in the daycare is strictly prohibited in order to maximize the safety of children with these allergies.