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We carefully curate a curriculum that not only plays into your child’s development, but is a lot of fun. Our team of Child Educators are all very passionate with what they do and are all certified with Early Childhood Educator or Assistant and First Aid. We also host and participate in programs in the community to add diverse learning opportunities. Below is a sample of to expect:


Fresh air is an important part of anyone’s day. We always start our day with a morning walk, complete with 4-seat strollers. Then, we have a secondary outdoor session in our play yard in the afternoon where our imaginations take over.


Music is a natural part of life and we believe that exposing children to instruments and different styles of music creates an environment that is not only fun, but also educational. Music experts say that these experiences forge more pathways between the cells in their brain and can have a big impact on their development. We make use of music daily and in various forms: learning a new song, moving to melodies, exploring new instruments and simply listening to music while painting all contribute to developing a base for musical knowledge.

The biggest impact is when kids actively participate and that’s our favourite part. 

We also welcome music teacher Ryan to our centre once a week to perform music with all the ages.


Our movement programs provide an excellent introduction to the world of dance and yoga for our 2.5-5 program. It helps to stimulate coordination and listening skills, balance, music interpretation, creative movement and motor development.

Children will be taken to Shift Dance Academy (Pemberton location)) and Kahleeni Yoga Studio (Edgemont)


Art is important because it encompasses all the developmental domains in child development. Art lends itself to physical development and the enhancement of fine and gross motor skills. It’s an opportunity for children to make a personal statement about their uniqueness through art while allowing them to express happiness, joy, and pride. That is why we make sure to do art projects as much as we can with the kids. Art activities are not only fun but also help with concentration, sensory awareness, self-esteem, and of course creativity. We also see how this can relieve a lot of anxiety in children and help them get over shyness or anger. It’s amazing how many skills are developed and how great their art really is! 


We believe that a Science Program deserves a dedicated place as an enriched extra-curricular activity when planning for a young child’s complete preschool experience. It uses cognitive skills and promotes creativity. By using the imagination, creativity, testing, experimenting and observing, children get ideas that help them learn basic facts and rules about the world around them. Science is about experimenting – learning by trial and error, not giving up, following steps, and coming up with results. Science uses many math skills, such as estimating, measuring, comparing, organizing and observing. It helps children come up with their own answers and ideas rather than being given to them. In addition to science as part of the curriculum within our classrooms, interactive demonstrations are conducted by specialists from Mad Science, who come in to display introductory experiments. Please click here for further information about Mad Science.


Story time allows for our imagination and understanding of the world to grow. We take the time to read with each of our programs via our in house program (Pemberton) and locally at the community liibrary (Edgemount).