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3 Ways to Keep Your Child’s Photos Secure Online

by Smiling Stars Daycare on 08/18/18

While the target audience may be a collection of family, friends, and trusted acquaintances, information shared on the internet often takes on a life of its own. It’s important to establish safe practices when sharing photos of children online. Here are 3 ways to establish safe practices that will help keep photos of your children secure on the world wide web:

End-to-End Encrypted Messaging

The most secure way to go about sharing photos of children online is through end-to-end encrypted messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Apple’s iMessage. These types of apps allow photos to be sent to individuals or groups directly from your phone. An added security measure available with these apps is disappearing messages, which will delete photos once they are viewed or after a specified period of time.

Dedicated Photo Apps

Another secure way to share photos is using apps that are dedicated to transporting photos in the digital world. These apps allow the creation of shared family albums which streamlines the process. Dedicated photo apps usually allow the creation of a link to photos and albums which can be shared with anyone.

Social Media Safety

Taking advantage of the safety measures provided on social media is one of the best ways to protect photos of children. All social media accounts should be kept private and sharing preferences should be changed from the default public setting to private, for more control of who sees photos.

Pruning friends lists and creating private groups for sharing are other practical ways to keep photos secure online.

Sharing photos of children online is an easy way to keep family and friends updated. Follow a few simple safety tips to keep the photos as secure as possible and the children protected.

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