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Kid-Friendly New Year’s Celebrations

by Smiling Stars Daycare on 12/30/18

From fireworks displays, to the countdown, New Year’s Eve is an exciting holiday for everyone. This is the one day a year when children are actually encouraged to stay up past their bedtime in order to ring in the New Year with their parents. But if you don’t want your little ones staying up that late, even for a celebration, why not check out some kid-friendly New Year’s celebrations? Let’s take a look at some activities you can do with your family before the ball drops.

Watch Celebrations From Around the World

Who says you have to be a night owl to enjoy New Years? If your kids (or you) can’t stay up until midnight, why not enjoy some of the celebrations from around the world before heading to bed? Tokyo, London, and Australia’s celebrations are shown online and on TV to give families a taste of New Year’s celebrations earlier than local celebrations.

Make Your Own Holiday Crackers

Holiday crackers are a fun and festive way for your family to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Make your own holiday crackers by filling toilet paper rolls with candy or treats and wrapping them in wrapping or tissue paper. Find the directions here!

Write Down Resolutions

Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, a thing they wish to accomplish in the New Year. Whether your resolution is to lose weight or be healthier in the New Year or your child’s resolution is to start playing baseball or to do better in school, resolutions are a great way to commit to something. Let your child come up with their own resolutions and hang them somewhere to serve as a reminder of their goal throughout the year.

Find a Kid-Friendly Party Close to Home

Many kid-friendly places in the area host their own New Year’s Eve celebrations. These parties are usually accompanied by a countdown to noon, noise makers, and even sweets and goody bags to take home. Spend the day celebrating a new start with your kids this New Years.

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