Fight the Chill

by Smiling Stars Daycare on 09/22/18

Bundle up…it’s cold outside!

Winter can be such a fun time for kids! Playing outside in the snow, making snowmen and sledding are great activities for family and friends. However, we need to make sure the little ones are properly dressed and protected from the cold weather. Below are some cold weather tips when you are preparing the kids to go to school or just play outside.

Cold Weather Tips

Bundle Up: If your kids wait outside for the bus or play outside during recess, make sure they are wearing proper winter clothing. Warm layers, hats and gloves are needed when playing outside. Lay out long sleeves, sweatshirts, puffy jackets, gloves, hats, socks, boots and anything else your child may need the night before. This reduces the amount of time you spend searching for everything in the morning.

Safety: Yards and hills covered in snow are irresistible for many children. However, before you send them out with sleds, makes sure they are being safe. Sledding down a large hill can be fun but very dangerous for kids if they are reckless. Talk to your kids about safety in the snow and teach them the proper way to play with their snow toys.

Limit outside time: If you notice your child shivering or getting too wet from the snow, bring them inside for a little while to warm up and dry off. You can entice them with a cup of hot chocolate or soup! Bring their temperature up and dry off their clothes before sending them off to play again.

Sunscreen: Just because you aren’t on the beach doesn’t mean the sun can’t still get you! If your kids are outside for a while (especially when the sun is out) put some sunscreen on their little faces to prevent sunburn.

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