Our Child Care Philosophy
At Smiling Stars Daycare, we believe that quality childcare facilitates the growth, health and development of children. Our environment accepts and encourages children to express their full potential in all aspects of their development. We create a setting that first engages and then stimulates physical, social, emotional and cognitive development with a goal to maximize their potential.

Smiling Stars uses a blend of curricula such as learning through play and programs geared towards kindergarten readiness as well as providing enriching experiences. We believe that every child is gifted in different ways, that is why we make sure to expose your child to different kinds of art, food, music and many other new experiences. By doing this we want to encourage children to find their strengths and follow their passion.

Every child deserves to experience and feel that they are loved, valued and cared for. Our Staff are well trained, nurturing and loving individuals who are working for a stronger future of each child. We believe in the importance of educator team consistency as this offers security, familiarity, love and trust to each child. Smiling Stars professionals represent a diversity of education, training, cultural background and life experiences. We believe all early childhood professionals need to be respected as individuals and also as valuable members of our team and of the whole profession.

We believe that your child deserves the best care and attention and we want their earliest memories to be filled with happy and enriching experiences.

Daycare Testimonials from Parents

"Smiling Stars Early Learning Centre has definitely been the right choice for our family. My husband and I believe it is the staff who "make the difference" in child care and all the wonderful Smiling Stars teachers are warm, welcoming and professional. Our one year old son greets his teachers with a big smile and hug every morning - there is no doubt in our mind that he is happy and enjoys spending time there. As a parent, this is a huge relief - we know that he is having fun,learning new skills and experiencing new things while we are at work."

"The staff at Smiling Stars is so friendly and warm. Our son is always happy when we drop him off and pick him up. As this is our son’s first daycare, we were a little worried how he would adjust. We realized quickly that we had nothing to worry about as the staff is so attentive. Thank you Smiling Stars!"
Monica and Thomas

"Our daughter always looks forward going to daycare and even asking for it sometimes on the weekend"
Thank You "Smiling Day Care” for everything you do for our little Ella! We adore your facility. Your team is wonderful! The space is bright, colorful, clean and spacious. Again, we think you guys are amazing! We are so thankful to have found you!"
Céline & Bill

"I am very happy that my son has been enrolled in Smiling daycare since he was 2,5. Warm and safe atmosphere is created by staff, who is truly dedicated and has heart for kids. It is very important for me to know that I can rely on teachers who are taking good care of my son; and to know that my son's day is very well balanced with activities, play time and educational process. Special thank you to Moji for the excellent organizational skills."
Ina Ergasheva

"After looking into lots of other daycares I finally found the one that was perfect for us. To start it's a really nice location, bright clean newly renovated. Staffs are amazing with kids, and my child loves them all. There is lots of fun activity through out the year and special occasions day care party so everyone gets to know each other. It is amazing how much my child is learning about different things from through different activities that day have. Staff are very flexible with your child's specific needs and are very patient through the transition or gradual entry, I love the open door policy."

"I am a busy mother of two small children, and had to make the difficult decision to place them both into daycare full-time when I returned to work in early 2011.  
This is an exceptionally difficult decision for many parents, and I can honestly say that I have been extremely pleased with my decision to choose Smiling Stars Daycare over the many other possibilities that exist on the North Shore. 
The following are just a few of the reasons I feel such comfort each morning when I drop off my children for the day:

  • The innovation which is used in the facility – from the use of digital photo frames as you enter, to the e-mail communication of monthly newsletters, including photo updates of activities at the centre with the children “in action”.
  • The on-going, regular ‘fun’ events, including themed days, outings to parks and beaches, the Lonsdale Quay, the library, the pet store, Capilano Mall, going for nature walks, and parties to celebrate life’s important days
  • Showing awareness that each child is unique and special for their own characteristics, tailoring the care they provide to suite each of the children
  • Regular and timely communication of any illness, injury, or inappropriate behavior of the child, allowing a parent to intervene as necessary, and inviting the parents to be involved in the resolution of any issues that arise.
  • The incorporation of many ‘teaching’ opportunities, which just seem to be a part of the daily operation. My 3 year old daughter is constantly coming home telling me about the new things she learned at daycare
  • The continuous use of song, dance, and crafts to stimulate imagination and creativity in the young minds they serve.
  • The consistent warm nature and professionalism of all of the staff. As a busy and very involved parent, I often have numerous questions and requests, and have always been met with warmth, empathy, and treated with respect."

"We moved from Red Deer when my son was 18 months (he turned 3 yesterday), but previous to that, he had already been in two daycares back in Alberta. One daycare we thought it was the best and another one where I felt so awful every day because I left him crying in the morning and when I went to pick him up, he was crying again (I want to believe he wasn’t crying all day). At the beginning I thought it was normal because he was new to the place and people, but after a few weeks, nothing was better and we were lucky to have him there only for 2 months, but I can tell you there is no worse feeling that seeing your son in distress and try to concentrate at work at the same time!

Lucky enough when we moved here I had 3 spots available for him in other centres by the time I went for the tour with Moji, but as soon as I step in I knew Smiling Starts was the place for us to stay and I am happy to tell you that it’s been the best decision I’ve made! To give some more perspective, Smiling Starts is even better than the one we thought it was the best one!

He started at the babies room for a couple of months, and he’s been at the toddlers room for a year already, now he is now ready to move to the 3-5 room. The place is warm, welcoming, and the new renovations they did are excellent!

The teachers are very knowledgeable, caring, have all the patience of the world, and make each child feel special and included. He loves the new activities and he loves his teachers and friends - we love his teachers and friends. He even asks to go to daycare during the weekend or holidays and almost daily he asks for a few more minutes to play when I pick him up (I still have mixed feelings about that, am I that boring? J)."
Smiling Stars Daycare
Smiling Stars Daycare